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Alzira Round Tapered Planter

Alzira Round Tapered Planter

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Elevate your space with the Alzira Round Tapered Plant Pot – a harmonious blend of simplicity and captivating aesthetics that seamlessly enhances both traditional and contemporary interiors. Here's why the Alzira pot is a must-have for your home:

Versatile Elegance: The tapered shape of the Alzira pot is designed to complement any room effortlessly. Its versatile elegance ensures that it seamlessly integrates into both traditional and contemporary interiors, making it a stunning addition to your living space.

Adaptability and Timeless Design: Renowned for its adaptability, the Alzira pot boasts a timeless design that stands the test of trends. Arrange it in neutral tones for a subtle and sophisticated appearance, or choose vibrant colors to make a bold statement and transform your space.

Exceptional Durability: Crafted from high-quality fiberglass, the Alzira planter is not just a visual delight but also a symbol of exceptional durability. Thriving in both indoor and outdoor environments, this planter resists deterioration, ensuring a long-lasting and resilient addition to your decor.

Seamless Integration: When adorned in muted hues, the Alzira Round Tapered Plant Pots effortlessly blend into your decor, offering a subtle touch that complements your style. Group them together or align them near well-lit windows to create a captivating display that enhances the ambiance with the beauty of natural light.

Enhance your living space with the Alzira Round Tapered Plant Pot – a versatile, durable, and aesthetically pleasing choice that brings a touch of nature indoors. Elevate your decor with the perfect combination of simplicity and style by choosing the Alzira pot for your home today.

Key Product Features

  • Timeless Tapered Design
  • High - Quality Fiberglass Construction
  • Effortless Integration with Decor
  • Enhanced Ambiance with Natural Light

Product Size

 Exterior Dimension   Interior Opening Dimension
 Length  Width Height    Diameter
23" 23" 22" 18.7"
30" 30" 28" 25.5"
36" 36" 34" 31.3"


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