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Corry Planter

Corry Planter

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The Corry Planters – a perfect fusion of visual allure and unrivaled versatility. These sleek cylindrical planters are not just decorative; they're a testament to adaptability and reliability. Whether gracing homes, dining establishments, storefronts, or outdoor event venues, the Corry planters make a lasting impression.

Choose from three sizes to effortlessly fit tabletops, counters, desks, or shelving units. Elevate your decor by placing them on the floor in hallways, foyers, entrances, or lobbies, transforming vacant spaces with a touch of sophistication. Crafted from super-strong fiberglass, these planters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor display, ensuring durability and style in any setting.

The Corry cylinder planters are available in a spectrum of trendy and traditional colors, offering endless possibilities for customization. Arrange multiple outdoor vase planters on the patio for your own herb garden, tuck them into outdoor nooks for a refined touch, or use them to enhance the ambiance of reception areas, lobbies, or waiting rooms. Elevate your space with the Corry Planters – where style meets adaptability.


Key Product Features

  • Sleek Cylinder design
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Adaptabilty for ANY space
  • Endless Decor possibilities 

Product Size

 Exterior Dimension   Interior Opening Dimension
 Length  Width Height    Diameter
10" 10" 20" 8"
10" 10" 30" 8"
12" 12" 36" 10"
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