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Granada Rectangular Planter Box

Granada Rectangular Planter Box

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Discover the elegance of the Granada Rectangular Planter Box, the latest sensation in our esteemed 7000 series. Embraced by customers for its chic design, this planter stands at a sophisticated 24 inches, offering lengths of 36 and 48 inches, with a depth that enhances its versatility.

Crafted with sleek and modern lines, the Granada planter's timeless rectangular shape allows for effortless configuration, becoming an unforgettable addition to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Its clean and stylish lines make it more than just a planter – it's a canvas for creativity. Use it as a striking privacy screen or position it as a captivating focal point, adding flair to your design projects.

Elevate your space with the Granada Rectangular Planter Box – where chic design meets functional versatility. Embrace the latest in planter aesthetics and let your creativity flourish both indoors and outdoors.


Key Product Features

  • Adaptable to any space
  • Stylish privacy solution
  • Captivating focal point


Product Size

 Exterior Dimension   Interior Opening Dimension
 Length  Width Height    Length Width
36" 24" 24" 32.6" 20.6"
48" 24" 24" 44.6" 20.6"
60" 24" 12" 56.6" 20.6"
72" 24" 12" 68.6" 20.6"


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