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Salon Rectangular Planter

Salon Rectangular Planter

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Introducing the Salon Planter, your ultimate choice for versatile plant styling in spaces of all sizes. With dimensions measuring 42" in length and 8" in height, this planter box is a perfect fit, whether tucked away in a cozy balcony corner, adorning your windowsill, or serving as an elegant privacy divider.

With a length of 42" and a height of 8", the Salon Planter is designed for versatility, fitting seamlessly into spaces of all sizes.

Unlike plastic or metal alternatives, these fiberglass planter boxes resist rust, fading, and cracking, ensuring long-lasting durability.

The lightweight nature of these planters allows for effortless relocation, providing flexibility in your design and landscaping choices.

Whether used as a window box planter, herb garden planter, flower pot planter, or patio planter, the Salon rectangular planter serves various purposes with style.

Crafted from resilient fiberglass, these small trough planters excel as commercial planters, outdoor vase planters, and garden planters, offering versatility in application.

Choose from our signature colors, including sleek black, modernist white, bold red, and luxurious silver, to match your landscape preferences and achieve a cohesive look.

Elevate your space with the Salon Planter, where versatility meets durability and style. Transform your surroundings effortlessly with this elegant and functional addition, perfect for any landscape or design project.


Key Product Features

  • Perfect Dimensions
  • Resilient Fiberglass Construction
  • Lightweight and Easily Relocatable
  • Multi-Purpose Functionality
  • Wide Range of Uses

 Exterior Dimension   Interior Opening Dimension
 Length  Width Height    Length Width
36" 8" 8" 32" 4"
42" 8" 8" 38" 4"
48" 8" 8" 44" 4"




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