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The Hudson

The Hudson

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Introducing the Hudson Extra Long Rectangular Planter, our latest addition to the fiberglass container lineup. With an impressive length of 100", it's among our most sophisticated and elegant planters.

Crafted from high-quality fiberglass, this planter offers exceptional strength and durability for indoor and outdoor use. Its substantial size makes it perfect for commercial properties, storefronts, gardens, and spacious foyers. Create living borders, enhance privacy, or delineate seating areas. Place them against garden walls, kitchen windows, or along corridors.

The Hudson Extra Long Rectangular Planter is available in sixteen captivating color finishes. Sleek black boxes are ideal for corporate settings, while vibrant options add creativity to expressive spaces.


Key Product Features

  • Impressive Length
  • High-Quality Fiberglass
  • Versatile Use
  • Creative Design
  • Customizable Finishes


Product Size

 Exterior Dimension   Interior Opening Dimension
 Length  Width Height    Length Width
100" 18" 28" 96.9" 14.9"





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